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Le Miroir de l'Ame

Why do we lose part of our imagination when we grow up? Can going back to our childhood imagination help us getting more creative?







Art Direction, Production,



Stylism: Yunji Kim

Camera: Douglas Jardim

Le Miroir de l’Âme (The Mirror of the Soul) is an attempt at recreating my childhood imaginative world. In this Retro Fantasy film, I am recreating my “Secret Garden” referencing my childhood influences (Especially the Little Prince).  In his secret garden, the child is in communion with himself: he can express his emotions and be the hero of his own world whether he takes time to relax or to fight his demons. During our whole life imagination contributes to our personal evolution, from a kid to an adult, from a problem to a solution. I believe that creativity is something common to everyone but that the seriousness of adulthood sometimes forces us to forget it, deeming it too childish and not helpful.  As we grow up we learn to be productive and pragmatic and it becomes more and more difficult to innovate. But what if bringing back imagination was the key to be more productive, or to be more at peace with ourselves? This video is an invitation for the world to reflect and explore their inner child.

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