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How can we portray the therapeutical journey of an album in an innovative and respectful way for an artist?



Oiche: Album Campaign is a live brief that was presented by the British music label Young formerly Young Turks (Fka Twigs, The XX…) in collaboration with the upcoming Irish artist Fears. We were invited to be the creative directors of her debut Oiche (night in Irish). We provided designed materials for a 360-degree music campaign including the concept, narrative, and aesthetic of a Moth for the whole campaign. Juggling between different media we brought depth to her vision and pushed it beyond its current expression. By this poetic metaphor, we ensured that her vision and her connection with her music were respected and cohesive to the whole production. Our challenge as Creative Directors for the brief was to deliver a professional and broad range of options for the campaign: Album Covers, Posters, Merch, Online and Offline performances, communication and brand image while keeping in mind the pandemic.

Oiche Album Cover
Live Performance Concept
Oiche Poster
Oiche Solstice Tour Poster
Fears Website
Fears E-shop
Oiche Merch
Tontta Merch Box
Tontta Candle

Oiche: Album Campaign



Photography, Videography, Set Design, Merch Design



Art Direction, Set Design, Video Director, Photographer

Douglas Jardim, Olga Iliou, Phoebe Clarke, Sara Stiplovsek, Taha Safadi

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