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Obscura Experience

How can we help to raise awareness of low vision in an innovative way and increase the popularity of the Braille museum ?


2020, BS in communication option advertising

Final Major project.



Graphic Design


Graphic Designer


Laura Collard, Jules de San, Chiara Dopere, Leopold Hossey, Léa Masson, Clara Poskin, Gabrielle Vanhoudenhove.

Obscura Experience is a collaborative project around the Braille Museum of Brussels. This project consists of an entire revamp of the museum to attract more visitors. We created an entirely new concept based in the museum: The Obscura Experiences. Obscura is an event company that wants to provide a fun and unique experience about the visually impaired. Its concept is composed of four experiences that exploit the 4 other senses: smell, hearing, taste, touch such as a gastronomic experience in the dark, an introduction to different parasports or an escape room with googles. These are all co-led by a visually impaired staff and can be brought to schools or companies, ideal for team building activities. We believed that the best way to bring awareness of bad-sightedness was to interact with the public and the visually impaired. A 360 rebranding of the museum was also conceptualized, whether through the curation and interior design of the exhibition but also around the entire communication of the place. 

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